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Evolution of Social Economy
  • Farming Economy

  • Commodity Economy

  • Data Economy

Evolution of Data Economy
  • Empirical Data




    Mysterious and Hard to Prove

  • Machine Data

    Steam Engine Era

    Electric Era

    Electronic Era

    Limited Data, Lack of Standards, and Hard to Collect

  • Cloud Data

    Cloud Computing

    Data Visualization

    Data Silo and Hard to Evaluate

  • Big Data and AI



    Medical Data

    Smart Manufacturing

    Where does the data come from?

Is the inevitable result of the evolution of socical economy and data economy

The world's #1 Eco to combine blockchain,Internet of Things, big data, and Ai to solve data sharing and transaction issues

Why COOS Focuses on BoT?
  • Closed-loop data

    IoT and blockchain can form closed-loop data flow

  • Data Synchronization

    Decentralized ledger synchronization ensures IoT Data cannot be Tampered

  • Data Security

    Blockchain makes IoT system more secure

  • Data Sharing

    Blockchain makes IoT data be able to support sharing and transaction

  • Automated Trading

    Blockchain enables the automated trading of IoT nodes to reduce transaction costs

  • Easy to Scale

    IoT scalability is easier and lower cost with Blockchain

What is COOS?

COOS Eco seamlessly integrates IoT, Data, AI and Blockchain 3.0. The core of COOS is the IoT dev board and data assets platform.Besides this, the COOS Eco includes cloud.coos.aicoospay.comCOOS Eco Fundand an service which provides SaaS services for different industries.

  • Instant Data Sharing, Instant Device Sharing, Data Bank.
  • Hardware Layer
  • COOS Hardware Interface Layer
  • COOS Off-Chain Layer
  • COOS Smart Contract Layer
  • COOS Chain
COOS Consensus

COOS Implements A Revolutionary Blockchain Consensus DPoA

Data Sharing and Trading

COOS enables the sharing of medical data assets and protection of privacy by adopting multiple authorizations of nodes, isolation of access and ownership, and data sharing protocols, so that everyone can participate in the sharing of massive medical data. While contributing to medical advancement, it provides the users precision healthcare diagnostics as well as various additional medical benefits.

COOS Data Sharing And Trading
COOS Data Sharing Protocols
Technical Advantages
COOS is an IoT infrastructure platform and data assets trading platform based on blockchain 3.0 and AI. Enterprises and individuals can quickly build and deploy data asset trading platforms based on COOS without any programming skills.COOS supports Edge Computing, Mesh Networks, and Big Data Analytics. 
  • IoT

  • Blockchain 3.0

  • AI

  • Edge Computing

  • Cloud Native Computing

Core Features
About COOS Chain
  • 1M+TPS

    COOS supports up to 10K+ TPS and it can even support maximum of 1M+ TPS when the nodes dynamically increase in the future. Comparing to Bitcoin(TPS is around 7) and Ethereum(TPS is around 25), COOS is able to support large scale and enterprise level use cases, which makes COOS an essential infrastructure in the Blockchain 3.0 era.

  • Block Generation Rate in Milliseconds

    COOS significantly reduces the block genration rate to around 500 to 800 milliseconds, while it takes Bitcoin around 10 mins, and Ethereum 9 seconds

  • 0 Transaction Fee

    Unlike Bitcoin (blockchain 1.0) and Ethereum (blockchain 2.0), no transaction fee is required in COOS.

  • Instant Data Sharing

    With the data sharing technology developed by COOS, data can be shared almost instantly among the nodes.

  • Ratio of Empty Blocks

    The ratio of COOS's empty block is less than 1%, which is far lower than other mainstream blockchain platforms.

  • Smart Contracts

    COOS seamlessly supports smart contracts which empowers COOS to be the fundamental platform for DAPP development in various industries requiring IoT, Big Data, Data Sharing, Encryption and Big Data Analytics etc.

  • Node Authorization

    COOS supports multi-tier authorization mechanism on the nodes to grant5 access to different levels of data.

  • Failover Mechanism

    COOS provides support to the failover mechanism.

  • Privacy Protection Mechanism

    COOS supports data storage, processing and sharing while taking care of user’ s data privacy.

  • Encryption API

    COOS implements security technology for layer encryption of the interfaces, including Blockchain technology to add "Signature" parameters to the interface request, Elliptic Curve SECP-256k1 to check the valid identity on the server, and incremental counter to the request parameters to prevent replay attacks.

  • Storage Encryption

    COOS uses encryption algorithm and generates data encryption key via hybrid encryption algorithm to enforce the security of the data encryption.

  • HoneyBldgerBFT Protocol

    COOS adopts HoneyBldgerBFT which is the most efficient protocol up to date.

  • Medicine

  • Smart Home

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  • Healthcare

  • Industrial

  • Aviation

  • Agriculture

  • Education

Why Choose COOS?
COOS Projects
About COOS

Shenzhen COOS Science&Development Co., Ltd. Is established in 2015 and is now a global decentralized IoT data assets company with headquarters in Shenzhen and branches in the United States, Hong Kong, Beijing and Foshan. COOS has launched COOS Eco( in 2016, the world's leading Blockchain and AI-based platform which focuses on transforming IoT data into sharable and tradable data assets.